1. All pet owners must fill out our online application. Please read our terms of service.

  2. Your application is your reservation to confirm your reservation you must submit a 50% deposit 20 days prior to check in. If you are a last minute customer please call to check availability.

  3. All dog boarding fees and balances are due prior to check in. We do not accept checks. Please pay online at the Pawsitively Love website where the” Buy Now” link is located or make arrangements to pay in cash.

  4. “By appointment only”, if you cannot meet your appointment please contact us by phone within a reasonable amount of time. All dogs must be secured for liability purposes in order for anyone to enter our gated Dog Resort.

  5. The Dog Resort is open to the public between the hours of 11 to 6 Monday through Sunday. You may make arrangements for an early check in or out between 8 – 8:30 am or 6pm – 7pm for an extra charge of 20.00

  6. The base price for 1 dog under 65lbs is $30.00/day not per night, for 2 dogs $25.00 each/day, for 3 dogs $20.00 each/day. We add back $5.00/day for any dog that is: unneutered - a puppy under 1 year or age – for daily medication we have to administer – any dog over 65lbs and an extra $5,00/day for any dog over 100lbs and an extra $5.00/day over 150lbs.

  7. It is mandatory that all owners present a hard copy we can keep of your dog’s current vet report. Keep in mind that we do not copy documents here. Please remember to bring a copy.

  8. All pet owners must provide their own dog food with feeding instructions taped to a closed container. No open bags of food. No bowls please unless you have specialty bowls. Provide instructions in writing and include pill pockets for all medication we are to administer to your pet.

  9. Any special instructions or requests must be in writing and sent via email at the contact dog bone at the top of the home page at the Pawsitively Love website.

  10. We keep all pet families together in the same suite. If your pets need to be separated you must request this in writing by email.

  11. For your safety we have provided detailed instructions for check in and check out: please call when you are on your way so we have a heads up. Call again when you arrive at the resort [DO NOT OPEN ANY GATE THAT IS CLOSED] wait for the attendant. The perimeter gate is at the street. Generally it is open for you to drive through. Proceed to the next black gate directly in front of you (do not park) wait for the attendant to open the gate for you. Do not blow your horn please. Drive into the” square” the enclosed area in front of the dog hotel. Allow the attendant to close the gate behind you. You can unload your dog and gear at this point. The attendant will tell you what to do from this point forward. Please remember that this is a high liability type of business do not open any gate or walk in to any area unless you are with the attendant. Please let the attendant guide you. Keep children close to you do not let them wander, run around or put their hands in any openings where the dogs are, while we are receiving your pets. All animals bite do not pet or touch any dogs in the dog resort.